Our Services


Our customer-service staff has a wealth of knowledge and wisdom regarding flooring.  Call and talk to us about what you need.  We may have a solution that you've not come across, or experience with a product that could help you int he decision making process. 


Pick your top 3 choices and we'll arrange to have them sent your way.  It's always best to see their true color in your setting and evaluate them in the area that they will actually be installed.  We prefer you not make a purchase without seeing what you are buying.  If you need additional samples (more than 3), we can sometimes get those for you at no additional charge but do reserve the right to charge $10 per sample to offset material and postage costs.  Let's discuss your needs.
We will follow up after your samples have arrived to get your thoughts, but we're always here in the meantime to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.


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