How to Measure for Your Flooring


Measuring for carpet is very different than measuring for wood or tile.  As we know, many of us take great pride in being a DIYer and we LOVE you.  With that said, we recommend that you bring in a professional installer to measure.   An installer will take in to consideration all of the "little things" that a homeowner may not.  This can prevent a big headache and disappointment in the future.   There is nothing worse than the excitement of the carpet arrival being botched by the realization that you are 7 yards short of covering your living room OR having paid for a lot of extra material.

Blah, Blah, Blah, right?  We recognize you are excited to get started and wanted to give you a little guidance on how to measure for carpet so you have a basic idea of how it is done.

Basic Rules of Carpet:
  • Try and run the seams parallel to natural light sources as the seams will be less obvious.
  • It is imperative that you run the carpet in the same direction if it seamed or is an adjoining space.
  • Measure from widest point to widest point, remember to measure to the middle of the threshold in doorways.

Hard Surface Products

If the space you wish to cover measures 11'8" x 18'3' round up the measurements to 12' x 19.  Multiply the Width by the length and space totals 228 Sq Ft. 

As hard surface products are available in full box/containers you will want to round up.  

Remember to add the typical percentage of waste for cutting, damages, and defects to be sure you have enough product for complete coverage.    It is important to take into consideration the product and its grade you are ordering to determine proper waste.   Call us, we are happy to help with this!

Laminate - 8%

Domestic Hardwood - 5%
Bamboo, Corks and other exotic hardwoods - 10-15%

Last but not least, keep in mind that the product you are ordering today may not be available a year from now.  It is a great idea to purchase enough material in the event a repair is needed.   We talk to people every day that are searching for a product they had purchased elsewhere less than a year ago and it has been discontinued and has fallen off the face of the earth.  Don't be that person!