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Flexitec Sheet Vinyl

Flexitec - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Starting from $4.79 per sq. yd.
Plus Freight from Dalton, Ga

Flexitec - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Flexitec Luxury Sheet Vinyl offers vinyl flooring to coordinate with any interior scheme.  The extensive range of choices gives you unprecedented  design possibilities.  Our wide assortment of cushioned vinyl flooring comes in an incredible array of colors and patterns to suit the style of any room in your house.  Whether you are looking for a traditional, classic or contemporary style, whether you want flooring for a large or a small room, a comfortable bathroom or an inviting hallway, Flexitec Luxury Sheet Vinyl can make it happen.

Flexitec Luxury Sheet Vinyl is: maintenance free, durability, water resistance, quiet and hygienic.  And, all styles are FHA approved.

Click on a style to see all available colors and styles.  Please note that each style may contain one or more styles (stone, wood, tile, etc.).  We've tried to add these under each swatch.  Enjoy looking around at these great Flexitec products.

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